Skye’s Writing

Writing this blog is one of my all-time favorite things to do. On this page you’ll find links to my work on other blogs and publications.



I found out about Swirl Nation from my sister, Ali. Her co-worker Jenn and her three best friends got together and decided to write a blog about what it means to be mixed race in 21st Century America. The blog covers everything from race to beauty to movies. After I caught wind, I knew I had to be a  part of it! Luckily, they deemed me worthy and invited me to join the blog as a continuing contributor!

Read about me on their running “Featured Multiracial Individual Series“!

My first post for Swirl Nation was so much fun to write! Read “What are you? Determining My Racial Identity” here!

If you read posts from our 6 months in Thailand, you are well aware that I had a love/hate relationship with the country for a while. Now that I’ve been back in the states for a few years, I miss Thailand so much it hurts! Read about my new perspective on Thailand here!

Check out this post I wrote about whitewashing in the media. It talks about how movies and TV use white people to portray people of color. It was a challenge to write because I wanted to acknowledge that we have come a long way, but also make sure people understand that this is still happening today and that they might not even realize it. I enjoyed the challenge as it made me think harder about how I view characters in movies and that I need to be more aware of it myself. Hope you enjoy!