Natchez Trace Parkway Tour

Our Natchez Trace Parkway ride was awesome!! We had our fair share of challenges, but we learned a lot and feel more prepared to take on our ride across America. Read about our 8 days in Mississippi, Alabama and Tennessee!

The Cherry On Top. Day Eight.  - April 14th, 2015 - Our last day!! We woke up Saturday morning at about 5:30. It was freezing cold, but we were ready to bust out the last 20 miles and get back to Michigan. We quickly packed up our stuff and put on all of our warm clothes, including double layers of socks! It was so cold trying … Continue reading The Cherry On Top. Day Eight. 
The Only Ten I See. Day Seven. - April 13th, 2015 - After our stormy night we were sleepy, but ready to take on our longest day. We actually had three options for this day. Our car was almost exactly 100 miles away so we could: 1. Bike 60 miles to the Meriweather Lewis campground, then 40 miles to the car the next day. 2. Go 80 … Continue reading The Only Ten I See. Day Seven.
Roll Tide! Day Six - April 13th, 2015 - So we got a bit behind in posting these in our excitement to get home and take showers. Here are the posts from the last three days of the trip! We got started the morning of day six around 8 and stopped about 4 miles into our ride to check out a Confederate soldier grave … Continue reading Roll Tide! Day Six
Fun In The Sun! Day Five - April 10th, 2015 - As you may have guessed, it was a beautiful, sunny day here on the Trace in Mississippi. With sun, however, comes the heat. The good news was we only had about 35 miles to ride. Anything around 30 miles is essentially a day off for us and we really needed it. My legs felt better … Continue reading Fun In The Sun! Day Five
The Dreaded Day Four - April 10th, 2015 - As we’ve said before, day four tends to be the worst day for us. This day four was definitely like that for me, but Ethan actually wasn’t that sore. It was a good thing because my legs were dying. We got a fairly early start that morning and were on the road by 8. It … Continue reading The Dreaded Day Four
Swamp People. Day Three - April 10th, 2015 - Hello again! It’s been another long day out on the Trace. Here’s what happened Monday. We set our alarm (begrudgingly) for 7am. It came way too fast. I think we both could have slept for anther 3 hours. It was torture getting out of hat comfy bed. But we did it and were out the … Continue reading Swamp People. Day Three
Rainy Sunday. Day two.  - April 7th, 2015 - Happy Monday evening!! We’re sitting on the porch of a museum/visitor center and excited to be dry and going to bed soon (We’ll tell you how we got here in our next post). For Sunday’s adventure, keep reading!! We woke up to partly sunny skies and very sore bodies. We took our time getting ready … Continue reading Rainy Sunday. Day two. 
And We’re Off!! Day One. - April 6th, 2015 - Good evening! We’re writing this from an actual bed y’all! YES. More on that later. First, we want to tell you about getting to Natchez and our first day on the Trace.  Our journey south was an interesting one. We left our house on time and as planned, but it took us quite a bit … Continue reading And We’re Off!! Day One.
Mississippi, here we come! - April 3rd, 2015 - Tomorrow’s the day!! It’s been a very busy week, but we’ve found some time to prepare and are excited to hit the road! The plan is to leave our house tomorrow morning around 8 or 9 and head for the northern terminus of the Natchez Trace, where we’ll leave our car. We are hoping to … Continue reading Mississippi, here we come!
Natchez Trace Parkway - January 26th, 2015 - We are going on a 440 mile trip from Natchez, Mississippi to Nashville, Tennessee for spring break. There are a few reasons for the trip. We need to make sure all of our biking and camping gear is in working order before the big trip over the summer. It will also kick start our training … Continue reading Natchez Trace Parkway



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