About Us



Welcome to our blog!

We are Skye & Ethan Felsing. We love to travel and have chronicled our adventures on this blog! You can see our latest entries on our home page . You can also choose which adventure you’d like to read about at the top of any page. In 2015 we bicycled across the US from Seattle to Washington, D.C. You can read about it here! This past summer we spent 7 weeks bouncing around India, Sri Lanka, & the Maldives and made a trip back to SE Asia! Read about it here!

Here’s some more stuff about us!

Hello! We live in Michigan and have been married since June, 2012. Ethan is a science and physical education teacher and recently became head coach of the boy’s varsity soccer team! I (Skye) am still trying to navigate my way to an awesome career and am taking time to find out what I really love. We met in college and have fallen in love with traveling and bicycling together. We started out small and have had some pretty grand adventures since our first ever trip together (1 week in Cancun!).

Our favorite thing about bicycling is experiencing a new place from the seat of our bikes. We also love the freedom, meeting new and interesting people and the feeling of accomplishment at the end of each day. We love to travel because we love to experience new people, places, foods and cultures. We hope we can continue adventuring for a long time!

Our life plans include traveling and enjoying every day to its fullest! We plan to stay in Michigan and find it’s a great place to call home when we’re not bopping around the world.

Well folks, that’s just a bit about us. To find out more, read our blogs! We hope you enjoy reading about our adventures! Stay tuned for more from us!



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