Time for a vacation!

August 2 – 7

On our last day in Bogotá we toured the Gold Museum and spent a little time buying souvenirs. Our flight left around 3 so we left town around 12 on a bus headed back up toward the airport. It definitely took a while, but we left Colombia with love for the country in our hearts. Especially Bogotá. As we were leaving I was glad that we spent as many days there as we had and that we ended our time in Colombia there.


As much as I liked Bogotá, I couldn’t contain my excitement for our final destination: Aruba! The flight was about 2 hours and with the time change we landed around 7. After being super confused about how to get on the bus headed toward the main hotel area, a very helpful local lent a hand and told what buses to take. People here speak English, Spanish, Dutch and Papiamento. We were pretty surprised when the guy that helped us out spoke perfect English. And also surprised that pretty much the whole island accepts US dollars AND the bus driver had change! Haha. It’s the little things. 

We rode the bus all the way to the last stop across from the Marriott hotels. The apartment we rented was just down the road and I had completely forgot to screenshot the address on my phone. Usually Ethan does this, but we had used my account to make the booking. So we wandered through the neighborhood in the dark for a while asking random people sitting on their porches for help. The problem was that we thought we were looking for an apartment complex, but it was actually someone’s house that they had built apartment rooms onto. We finally noticed a sign on a little wall at this house that said “Sandcastle” – the place was called Sandcastle Beach Apartments online. So Ethan walked up and noticed a welcome sign and a doorbell. We found it! The hosts welcomed us and apologized for not having a bigger sign. 

We rented their “Pool House” room which was detached from the main house. They recently renovated it from an office/gym, so everything was super clean and brand new. It had a tiny kitchen with a little fridge and an island with stools. Perfect for two people and very convenient since food on the island is expensive! Once we got settled our host drove us to the neighborhood grocery store for some dinner food and a few other things. We made pasta and spent the evening in the pool. Ahhhhh! 

The rest of our time in Aruba was spent soaking up the sun. We rented a 4 wheeler and toured the whole island one day and went diving the next day. We also booked 2 nights at a big resort and spent two whole afternoons in the pool, which featured a small but fast waterslide. I got a massage/pedicure, we had Pizza Hut, and watched movies (In English!) on TV. We also enjoyed a gorgeous fancy dinner on the beach at sunset. It was the perfect way to celebrate the end of the trip and a great 10 year anniversary gift to ourselves. 

We spent some time reminiscing about the last 10 years, mostly the last 5 since we’ve been married. Neither of us could have imagined being where we are now and had no idea what life lay in store for us when we said “I Do” on top of that hill in Northern Michigan. It’s pretty amazing and breathtaking how fast life goes and we are glad that we are doing what makes us happy. I hope we can look back in another 5, 10, 15 years and say the same thing. 

Our flight leaves today around 4pm. We’ll fly to Panama, then Orlando, where we have an 8hr layover, then the next day to Chicago, then finally to Lansing. Woof! It’s gonna be a long two days! 

Until next time! ❤


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