Let’s go home

Currently: taxing to the gate at JFK!!!!

July 29 – Aug 1

We arrived at the Yangon bus station at 5:30 and were at the airport by 6. We waited at a KFC with several other people who were flying to Bangkok on different flights. Our flight left at 12 and Emily’s got in at 10:30. As soon it got close to her landing time we headed to where she would be. The airport is tiny so I found her quickly while Ethan found out what time we could check in at the latest. We chatted with her for a few minutes and left her with a guy who wanted to share a taxi with her. We didn’t have time to really get a good read on if he was a good person or not, but he seemed cool and we had to go. 

Our flight got into Bangkok around 2 and we took a bus and two trains, but eventually made it to our hotel. We spent the evening running around town looking for something for me to wear to a rooftop bar since they have dress codes and nothing I had would work. Most of the local shops don’t sell sizes big enough for me (or any other like average size woman) so we had to go to actual stores like H&M in the mall, which was actually pretty fun. We ended up back at the suit shop to get Ethan’s suit just before they closed and headed back to our hotel. We were both dead tired and made sure we got a good nights sleep since the plan was to bop around town again the next day. 

The next day we went to Chatuchuk market so Ethan could find some shoes and we decided we could treat ourselves if anything really caught our fancy. Shockingly, we walked away with only the shoes. Everything there was the same stuff that was there three years ago and we had spent quite a bit on souvenirs last time. Otherwise, it’s a lot of household stuff and second hand stuff. No need for either! 

We went back to one of the malls and I got a romper to wear to the roof top bar. We had to check out before we left, so we had no where to shower, but tried to freshen up as best we could in the bathroom. He roof top bar is the same one from the Hangover II which is set in Bangkok, so it’s a very popular spot. We got there right as it opened though, so there weren’t too many people. It was pretty funny though how many people were just there for the view. There are three restaurants there, but you’ll easily pay $100 for a meal for two there so we stuck to just the bar, where we paid about $23 for one drink. Yikes! 

It is a stunning view up there though and we can see why they chose this hotel for the movie. It’s one of the tallest buildings in the city and all the other tall buildings are so spread out that you have an almost 360* view of the city and the river that runs through it. We stayed up at the bat for a while talking about how crazy it was that the trip was over. We still wanted to get dinner though and check out one more market area so we didn’t stay too long. 

The other market didn’t have anything exciting, but we did find a Mexican place that we ate at three years ago and I had to get a quesadilla. Best decision ever. By the time we got back, packed our stuff and got on the train toward the airport, it was closing in on 10pm. We had booked a place near the airport thinking we would get there early and get a decent nights sleep before our 6am flight. When we arrived finally at 11, we thought we’d be in for about 3.5hrs of sleep. So we thought.

As luck would have it (or not), when I checked on our flight on my phone, it said it was delayed by 6 hours! Crrrrap! Since we were using a buddy pass from my brother, I called him immediately and he confirmed that was the case, though he couldn’t say why it was delayed. That would mean there was no way we would make it on any flight out of Tokyo the next day. I felt immediately deflated, but was happy that we would get 8 hrs of sleep instead of 3! 

We woke up, packed up and headed to the airport around 9. Since the flight was delayed so badly, most of the people had be rerouted to different flights, which meant there was no line at check in and we were assigned first class seats! Yay! The flight was 6 hours, which after 12-16 hour flights feels like nothing, but we made sure to get the most out of our 6 hours! The food was okay and we always had a drink in our hands and plenty of snacks. We both watched several movies from the comfort of our lay flat beds. Ahhhh first class! 

We got in a little early and we tried in vain to get to a delta desk to see if we could make it on the last flight to Honolulu. We had checked a bag though and needed to get it and recheck it so there was no way, plus the flight was overbooked anyway which we found out when we realized there were several others in our same predicament. Bummer! 

We got our bag and immigration went pretty fast. Once we got through I immediately contacted Gunnar who got right to work trying to figure out how to get us home. Bless his soul! We set up shop with the other standby people and talked with a delta employee who had access to flight information. Her name is Jackie and we bonded over our mutual shitty situation. It was into the wee hours of the morning and it was looking like we were going to have to buy actual tickets rather than fly standby as all the flights out of Tokyo were oversold. Ugh. 

As we were preparing to shell out $2200 for tickets Ethan found a miracle and was able to book us a flight that afternoon using our points. Thank the lord!! We wouldn’t be next to each other and all the way in the back, but it didn’t matter. We were going home! Once we had everything settled, we slept for a few hours. 

We finally got up and around at 9 and Ethan headed out to check the town of Narita, which is actually where the airport is, not Tokyo. I was too tired and hot. He didn’t give me a hard time though and I stayed behind and hung with Jackie at Starbucks talking about traveling in Asia. Ethan got back at 1 after exploring and eating raw fish sushi. Ew! 

We said goodbye to Jackie and hoped she would make it on her flights to get home. Our flight left at 4:40pm and was set to take about 12.5 hrs which means we landed at 4:20 pm and essentially, went back in time! Nice! 

I can’t wait to take a shower and go to sleep. I also can’t wait to be back in Michigan and see our families and friends! What a trip this has been! Thank you for following along! We seriously couldn’t do any of this crazy stuff without the never ending love and support of our incredible friends and family. Y’all make this possible for us and we thank you endlessly! Thank you for letting us store things in your houses, for the words of encouragement and for picking us up and dropping us off at airports and train stations more times than I can count. We love you! We thank you! 

Can’t wait to see you soon! 


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