One night in Bangkok

Currently: in the “lobby” of our guesthouse in Yangon, Myanmar. I actually wrote most of this yesterday in Bangkok, but ran out of time to post it. Anywho…

July 17-22

Koh Tao was lovely as always and we ended up not actually doing much of anything. We moved to a cheaper bungalow, then decided we wanted air conditioning, so moved again to a place with a pool. We basically spent two whole days in that pool and it was fabulous. The hotel put a bunch of small plastic balls in the pool and we spent several hours throwing them at each other. I think swimming pools will always make us feel like little kids again. 

acting like kids

air conditioning!

I am not sure what ended up causing me to not feel well, but it went on for three days and the rest of the trip was going to be out of the question if I didn’t feel better. It felt like I had the flu, but I definitely didn’t have a fever or chills. Just felt like crap! Luckily, I did start feeling better and the a/c and being able to cool off in the pool really helped. The day I felt the worst we spent a solid hour and a half in a spa getting massages and I got a pedicure. It cost about $23 total. We ate a bunch of Western food – pizza, burgers, French fries, onions rings and fried chicken. And it was all delicious. And that’s pretty much all we did except Ethan went diving of course. 

walking back from the pool

He made friends with some people at the dive shop and that helped solidify his desire to become a Dive instructor. That would require 4-6 weeks of diving somewhere and I’m not sure I’m ready to spend my whole summer in one place while he dives everyday. We’ll have to see about that one. It is great that he loves it so much and one of the Dive Masters said Ethan was a natural in the water. Yay Ethan! 

delicious bacon ranch burger!

Other than that we walked around and tried to decide how to get to Bangkok and then Myanmar. And then how we would get home since we were never able to book flights with our points(eeeek!). Our plan was to get a morning ferry and bus back to Bangkok, but that one ended up being full so we had to get an afternoon one. We booked it thru the dive shop so we got a little discount and a free ride to the ferry. The ferry dock, as usual, was absolute insanity. It’s like they don’t do this every single day, several times a day. Somehow, everyone gets where they to intend to go though. It’s a miracle. 

sunset dinner on the beach

We sat on the top at the back so we could watch as our favorite little island faded into the horizon. The ferry was about 2 hours and we got to land around 5. The bus left at 5:30 and we were on our way back to Bangkok, where the whole thing with Thailand started! Somehow, I forgot that the buses are basically the Arctic and was freezing the whole time, so I did not sleep at all. As we pulled into town at 1:30am, it was raining and I was worried we were going to get caught in a deluge. It stopped before we did though and held off until after we found a place to stay. Phew! 

bye bye koh tao!!

We finally got to sleep around 2:30 and ended up sleeping in super late. We had no set plans for our 24 hour layover in Bangkok so when we finally got moving we decided to try and check out one of the floating markets that are so famous. We never made it to one when we lived there so we said “why not?!” Well, our plan crashed and burned after we got on a bus and found out that the market was closed. They let us off right away and we were back to square one. We headed back to Khao San Rd and decided to try and find a place to make Ethan a custom suit for his sisters wedding, which is the weekend after we get home. 

We found a place that was willing to make the suit on our short time schedule and they did it all (jacket, pants, shirt, tie) for $123. Nice!! They took his measurements and Ethan told them how many buttons, how many flaps, pockets or no pockets. All that jazz. Once we had finished they told us to come back at 8pm for the fitting, then they would finish it while we were in Myanmar and we could pick it up when we came back to Bangkok to fly home. Pretty good deal! 

After that was taken care of we went to the huge MBK mall to buy some cheap DVDs and get some food. The mall was insanely busy so we didn’t spend much time there and we already have all the touristy trinkets you can get from there. We did go to get more contact solution at the big Tokyu department store, which is was the first place we went we visited downtown Bangkok for the first time. It was very surreal and crazy to think of how well we know Thailand now compared to those first few days! We hated Bangkok on that first visit, but now it feels so familiar and we know how to get around and pretty much where things are, so it’s just like any other big city. 

The rest of the evening was spent at the fitting, which went really well and the suit is gonna be awesome! And eating a bunch of delicious street food!

coconut ice cream! in a coconut!

We had to get up at the ungodly hour of 3:30am to catch our flight to Myanmar, our final destination of this two month journey! 

Stay tuned! 


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