Elephants and monkeys to Palm trees and sand

Currently: it’s 9:30pm in Koh Samui Thailand! It’s been a long 36 hours getting here, but we are excited to be back! More on that in the next post.

July 10. 

The alarm sounded at 5:20 and I don’t think any of us moved for another 10 minutes. It was way too early! Our jeep was set to leave at 5:45 though so we had to hustle out the door. The “jeep” is a basically a small truck that has been retrofitted with car seats in the bed. The seats are up high so you can see better and are surrounded by a railing so you don’t fall out. We were the only people in our jeep, which was nice compared to the last safari we did in India with 17 other people. 

We had to drive back across the dam and about half way we spotted something large on the side of the rode. Turned out to be a stray elephant. It was between the road and the water on this narrow patch of grass and none of us could figure out how it had gotten out there. 

lost elephant?

After we took a few pics we headed into the park to the visitor center where we paid for our tickets then on to find some wild animals. We ended up seeing a few lone elephants, a group of three and a mother and baby at the very end. We also saw some crocodiles (the guide threw a rock at one of them, pretty sure that’s not allowed), and a ton of water buffalo. We also some really pretty birds and had an annoying encounter with a curious monkey. He came out of a tree while we were looking at an elephant then kept following the jeep and eventually climbed in. I hate monkeys so I was all over the jeep trying to get away from it. So creepy! 

running from the monkey

The safari was cool, but we didn’t see as many elephants and we were hoping for. It was beautiful though and we are all glad we had he experience. We got back and were all so tired it took forever to get going. We also didn’t want to pay for the hotel’s breakfast which was $4 just for toast so we had to go across the street for snacks and yogurt. We ended up leaving around 11:30 and were headed south to the coast to a beach town called Mirissa. 

It took 4 buses and several hours of travel, but we made it to Mirissa and got off the bus right across the street from where we wanted to stay. Turns out that place was way too expensive so we went back across the street and found a clean room and a friendly owner for half the price. Yay! And the beach was only 50 yards away! We all crashed on our beds and took advantage of the good wifi for a while. I’m actually surprised we all stayed awake given how long of a day it had already been. 

At this point, Emily had told us her plan to split up. She would go back to the Maldives to get her SCUBA certification instead of coming to Thailand with us. We were bummed that she wouldn’t be seeing our favorite place in Thailand, but understood that it was an opportunity she couldn’t pass up. We made tentative plans to meet back up in Myanmar as she already has a flight booked back home from there. 

Our first mission was to find some food and we were all craving some pizza. We tried one place, but it was closed then found a place right on the beach that had pizza and garlic bread at reasonable prices. The pizza wasn’t even that good, but it tastes amazing and satisfied our craving! We spent the evening on the beach and were excited to have the whole next day to relax.

July 11.

We spent the early afternoon in the water and had a minor issue with a very strong rip current. The waves were huge and a little too much for myself and Emily. Ethan had to drag us both out of the water. It was exhausting and I’ve never swallowed so much salt water in my life. Later in the day Emily and I went on an adventure to find her a bathing suit, with no luck, but we did find nail polish which was great because both our toenails were looking ragged. Ethan walked down the beach to an area known to have sea turtles but didn’t see anything. That night we had pasta on the beach and talked about what were excited to do in Thailand. I was excited about going to 7-Eleven and getting a banana muffin. I lived off of them when we lived there 3 years ago. Ethan was excited about Thai food – pad Thai, som tom, and cashew chicken! Yum! 

It was a lovely day on the beach and we went to bed excited and anxious to be headed off to another adventure in the morning! 

So long Sri Lanka!!! 


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