The long haul

We are currently in Bikaner, basically a stop over on our long journey back to Delhi. I’ve spent the afternoon in the hotel room trying to recover from a stomach thing that’s been plaguing me since yesterday. This morning we ate breakfast in Jaisalmer with a Colombian family (parents and son) who were about to spend a month in India and with the Norweigan family we had done the safari with. We chatted with the son of the Colombian family about our travels and he told us how has been traveling for 6 months and had just been to Nepal, Bangladesh, Myanmar and Thailand. He gave us some advice about Myanmar which we happily accepted having not really planned this trip that far in advance. 

We had a long drive so we headed out of town around 9:30. The Norweigan family had done this drive a few days before and said it took about 8 hrs. We expected it be a long ride, but we never stopped to go to the bathroom or eat so we ended up getting into town around 3. We decided since there was really only one thing we wanted to see here that we could go after we ate. Well, we ate and I had to go straight to the bathroom immediately after. The plan was to see the Rat Temple, but I was in no condition, so Em and Eth went without me. They showed me pictures and videos when they got back and I’m kind of glad I didn’t go – but I also kind of wish I had seen it in person. The name really gives the sight away; it’s a temple infested with rats. There are several albino rats that apprently bring good luck if you see them. They saw 4 of them, so hopefully that means we’ll have good luck the rest of the trip! (Can’t get the photos to load! Argh!) 

They got back a little bit ago and now we are all sitting in the lobby trying not to get frustrated with the slow wifi speed. Tomorrow we will either go straight back to Delhi and probably spend the entire day in the car, or stop halfway (which Khan would prefer) in a city that none of us can remember the name of. We didn’t plan on stopping there and we don’t have a reservation and a hotel there, which makes us all nervous. We also need time in Delhi to get our visas for Myanmar, so we are all a bit torn. We feel bad making Khan drive that far in one day, but we also have a schedule that has already been messed with once and we aren’t quite willing to surrender it again. Not getting our visas would mean we’d have to spend extra time in Bangkok, which wouldn’t be the end of the world, but we’d rather not do that if we can help it.

Decisions, decisions! Hopefully, whatever we decide works out and we’ll get our visas and get a little time to explore Delhi. Fingers crossed! 


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