Short flight, long day

Howdy! Currently in the Abu Dhabi airport waiting for our flight to India. Yesterday was a long day and this morning was interesting to say the least. So let’s rewind to yesterday morning shall we? 

We decided to sleep in since we had not really slept on the plane and we knew we needed tons of energy to get through the heat and to our next destination. Once we were up and about we headed to breakfast and were pleasantly surprised by the enormous buffet. There were more options than we knew what to do with and as we were being seated I had my eyes set on the waffles which caused me to trip very loudly over a step. The entire waitstaff was laughing as I made a giant fool of myself. Glad I could provide some entertainment though the toe that I stubbed probably thought differently. We stuffed ourselves full of food and fresh juice and had to force ourselves to leave. It was the nicest breakfast we’d ever experienced. 

After breakfast, I stayed in the room and blogged while Ethan went to check out the waterfront. He came back to report that it was very hot, but closer than we thought. At that point we needed to start packing and head to the airport so it would have to wait for another time. 

Once we were packed up we headed out to catch the bus back to the Corniche/Museum so we could get some pictures in the daylight. I was not excited about this idea as it meant more walking in the blazing heat and standing in the sun. We walked along the Corniche taking a few breaks in the shade, then finally reached the museum. Ethan left me at the bottom of the steps and headed to get some pictures. In a few minutes we were back at the bus stop and heading back to the airport. After a last minute gate change and having to take a bus to the plane on the tarmac, we finally boarded. The plane was fairly empty so we got a row to ourselves, which was nice even though the flight was only an hour. Touchdown Abu Dhabi! 

We got through immigration pretty fast and planned to use the public bus system as we had heard that it was fairly easy to figure out. Well, it wasn’t quite as easy as we hoped. First, we walked outside to the bus area and asked someone if we could pay cash. He said no, that we needed a card and to go back inside. We turned around and headed back in, but didn’t see anywhere to get said card. We did see an information desk though, so we asked the lady who told us to buy it from the kiosk at the bus stop. She failed to mention that there were two stops (about 40 yards apart) and the kiosk was at the further one. So after a few minutes of circling the closer stop we finally noticed the kiosk at the other stop. Ugh. 

We thought we had figured out what we needed at the kiosk, but we clicked through the options and were massively confused because it was a lot more expensive than we had read. We stood there confused for a while and during that time, missed the bus that we needed. Double ugh. Ethan decided to do a bit more research so we headed back inside to use the Wifi. It took another 10 minutes, but we finally thought we had it figured out. Back to the kiosk. More confusion. Finally got what we needed. Phew! Now to wait for the bus. Luckily, the bus stop had an air conditioned sitting area so we hung out in there while we waited. And waited. And waited. Finally, we saw the bus we needed coming. We grabbed our stuff and headed out and it just drove on by. Ethan waved and tried to get the drivers attention, to no avail. Someone noticed us and came to tell us there would be another soon. It was closing in on 8pm and we were both getting pretty tired and hungry. After another 10 minutes, we seriously wondered if another bus was actually coming. It finally showed up and we hopped on with all our stuff. I fell asleep with my fave smushed into the back of my bag and woke to Ethan trying to show me something. It was a long bus ride and we got worried that we weren’t going the right way. Ethan asked a guy and he confirmed that the bus would drop us near the hotel. Thank God he was right! We got off right by the hotel and walked in to air conditioning and friendly people. 

To our delight, our room was upgraded to a king suite, but breakfast wasn’t included, which we were pretty bummed about. I’d take breakfast over a king bed any day. We dropped our stuff and headed out for food. We were hoping to find a local type restaurant, but Abu Dhabi is influenced by so many different cultures that we didn’t really know what to look for. So after a small argument, we ended up at McDonald’s of all places. I was not in the mood to wander around looking for food and really didn’t need much. 

After dinner we grabbed a couple ice cream cones to go and headed toward Abu Dhabi’s waterfront area. We had to run across a busy highway to get there (of course there was an underground crossing about a hundred yards ahead…),but the breeze off the ocean was worth it. It wasn’t a cool breeze by any means, but it was a breeze and that was an improvement. After checking out the skyline and deciding which sky scrapers we liked the best, we headed back to the hotel and talked about what we would do the next day. We grabbed some fruit from a vendor for breakfast and headed back to the hotel for some much needed sleep. 


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