Somewhere in Ohio

Day 48. July 31.

I’m still not caught up with these and it’s getting the point where I can’t exactly remember the details of this week. So bear with me and I apologize for the lack of detail. I keep meaning to take notes, but it just never happens! One of these days I will learn! Anyway… Here’s what we remember from Friday. 

We got a fairly early start leaving Lima and headed out onto more flat ground and we still had that awesome tail wind. The temperature was also still much cooler than it was earlier in the week and that is always a blessing. It was the kind of summer day that you hope for all winter long – not too hot, but warm enough to make you want to be at the lake. The road we were on headed almost directly east then would jog north and then head back east. Going north we had a cross wind which was annoying, but manageable. 

We stopped in Ada for a pb&j lunch then headed into Upper Sandusky. Nothing notable must have happened because neither of us can remember much of the ride between those two towns. We got to Upper Sandusky and stopped at a park to try and figure out where to stay that night. Our original plan was to stay in Bucyrus, but there was an Indy Car race near there so a lot of the hotels were sold out. There were a few campgrounds, but we thought they might be full too. Ethan found one that was only another 10 miles, so he called to make sure they had spots and they did! 

We needed dinner food before we got there, so as we were sitting at the park Ethan looked up grocery stores and found a Walmart that was right on our route. I did a celebratory fist pump and Ethan thought it was hilarious for some reason (it’s 3 days later and he’s still laughing about it). We got some veggies to stir fry and a 2 liter of Dr. Pepper instead of candy or cookies. Not the best choice we’ve ever made, but we made it.

The ride to the campground was easy, but we did get the crap scared out of us by a huge Rottweiler. He thought about chasing us, but changed his mind when he got to the road. Got my heart pumping!! Good lord. About about a 1/2 mile before the entrance to the campground there was a “road closed ahead” sign. A smaller sign notes that the road was open to the camp, but we were worried that we wouldn’t be able to get our bikes through the construction in the morning. When we got there we saw that the bridge was out, but there was enough of it built that we could likely walk across. We’d have to check it out in the morning. 

The campground was nice and as we pulled in we passed a swimming area with a “beach.” Ethan decided immediately that we were going swimming despite the weird looking color of the water and that the beach was actually just dirt. We got checked in and as we waited we got talking to the camp host about our trip. A few minutes later her friend came in with their dinner for that night. She asked us if we were looking for food, but the other lady had just got done explained that there was a snack bar at the beach, so I thought she was referring to that. I told her that we’re always looking for food, but that we had brought some food to make. She promptly handed us the two to-go boxes she had packed their dinners in and said “if it looks good, then it’s yours!” It did look good. I asked several times if she was sure, but she insisted. It was very nice of them and saved us from having to spend time making food and then cleaning up. We both walked away thinking “did that just happen!?” 

Ethan talked me into swimming in the gross lake after we ate. We swam out to the floating dock thing, then hung out on the goat water trampoline for a while until the kids drive us out. We felt super dirty so we showered on the way back to the tent. Later in the evening some other renters showed up and played really loud country music until 10:30. We were saying earlier how we actually kind of missed camping, but then we remembered why it can really suck as we had to listen to that music (I love country, but not when I’m trying to sleep in a tent).


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