Amish country 

Day 49. August 1

It’s pretty hard to sleep in when you’re camping, so we got an early start. Earlier than we’ve been leaving in a while anyway. We ended up walking our bikes over the bridge, which I was a bit nervous about, but it saved us about 2 miles of riding so I got over pretty quickly.The riding was fairly easy until we got to Mansfield which was really hilly. We hadn’t looked at our elevation charts in a long time, but we were getting closer to the Appalachians and we kind of forgot about them. 

Mansfield was not a very pleasant town, but it was lunch time so we stopped at a little crappy store and got some chips and drinks to go with out pb&j’s. We tried in vain to find a park on the route, so we ended up eating on the side of a gas station on the sidewalk. It was not glamorous, but you gotta eat! We still had quite a ways to go after we ate, so it wasn’t a long lunch. The road continued to be hilly and we were not prepared. Not that we would have done anything differently, we just haven’t dealt with hills in a while. We were still following 30, but on side roads that ran alongside it sort of. 

We stopped in a couple towns for quick breaks and water refills. Eventually we got back on 30 and that took in into Wooster. The hills were much more manageable on the highway, but there was a lot of traffic. We’ll take traffic on a road with a shoulder over steep hills though. We had a host in Wooster who said he was going to meet us at the bottom of a hill when we got in town. We pulled into a cemetery at the bottom of the hill and called him, but no answer. As we waited to see if he called back this car pulled in and we thought maybe it was him. Nope. It was an older man with a Lehman’s catalog (whatever that is) and he was offering it to us. I said “no thanks”, but he asked again and said it was free. I said “no thanks” again and he kind of huffed and puffed his way back to his car. We’re traveling by bike, mister! What am I gonna do with that?! It was really weird.

The host never called so we cut through the cemetery then kept going up the hill to their house, which was literally right at the top. Our hosts Donna and Dave and Dave was busy prepping for dinner when we rolled in. Yay! He showed us around then finished up dinner while we showered and started laundry. They have three kids, two of which were still at home and one who was inbetween apartments, so it wa a full house, but we loved the familiar chaos. We could relate! 

Dinner was awesome and we spent the evening chatting with them and their daughter, Margie, and her friend. We felt right at home! It was a other great night, with really great people! We’re really going to miss all of this incredible hospitality. 

Ps. Apparently Wooster and the surrounding areas are home to lots of Amish people. We saw lots of horse pulled buggies and lots of horse poop. A treat for the eyes and the nose! 


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