Almost Appalachia

Day 50. August 2

David and Donna treated us to cinnamon rolls in the morning, of which I ate four or five. I’m not sure. It was a lot. We got on the road later than we would have liked, but the food and conversation were worth it. We headed out of town and ran into a road cyclist who chatted and rode with Ethan for a while. Then we ran into a couple who also chatted with us for a bit. We tried to get se advice about the terrain, but they weren’t very useful because they don’t they don’t have tons of stuff on their bikes.


extra wide shoulder for buggies.

I’m sure Ethan would love for me to tell you about all the stuff he is carrying, so I will. At the campground I noticed I had some pretty bad saddle sores. I won’t go into detail, but it’s incredibly uncomfy. In an attempt to help with the pain, Ethan generously offered to take my big bags in exchange for his smaller bags. He also took all the heavier gear out of them. So he’s basically carrying everything at this point, but it has been extremely helpful and I’m in a lot  less pain than I was. He’s being really nice about it, but likes to rub it in my face every now and then. I can’t complain though. He’s pretty much doing anything and everything he can to keep me going on this trip. And it’s working! 


all of our stuff on Ethan’s bike.

“Anything and everything” usually includes splurging on lunch occasionally. We were going through some bigger towns that day so we were hoping for a Qdoba or Chipotle, but Ethan checked the map and told me that the only Qdoba around was permanently closed. I figured we’d be eating pb&j’s again. We got into town and I asked Ethan where we were going to stop. He said another mile or so and I was wondering if he had found a park or something. We got to an intersection and he insisted that there were plenty of options. I was excited, but confused because I didn’t see anything. Then he tells me to check out the strip mall to the right. Again, nothing. As we came around it though I looked to the right and there it was. Chipotle!! Ethan’s such a liar! But he’s usually lying about something great, so lie away Ethan! 

Chipotle was delicious, but we still had 37 more miles to get to our destination. Ugh. And it was hilly. More ugh. We took lots of breaks and the hills continued. We were so tired near the end that we ended up walking a couple of the bigger hills. We were on a narrower road and it was probably one of the worst we’d ridden on. Actually a lot of the roads that day were pretty awful. Lots of potholes and poor attempts at filling them made for a bumpy and treacherous ride. 


we ended up going up a huge hill that turned into this brick road. cool, but bumpy

We eventually made it to Lisbon where we had another host. They weren’t  going to be home for a while so we set up shop on their front porch where we made dinner. As I had just finished cooking one of them pulled in the driveway. It was the husband, Clare, and he came out to greet us on the porch. He sat and chatted with us for a while, then showed us around the house. Once we had our bikes unloaded, we showered and by the time we were done his wife, Ruth Ann, had returned home. We sat and chatted with them until it was time for bed. Ruth Ann is an avid cyclist and tourist and Clare is more than happy to drive the van along with her. She’s done many tours and had lots of amazing stories. She once got hit by a car, then had the driver drive her to the bike shop first to fix her bike, then to the hospital. What a champion! We really enjoyed getting to know them and sharing our biking stories. 

We went to bed excited because the next day we would get to Pittsburgh and after that we will truly be on the home stretch! 


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