oh hi oh 

Day 47. July 30

We ended up staying up way too late watching Mission Impossible and ended up not walking up until 8:30. We sleepily headed down to our free breakfast and ate as much as we could fit in our tummies. We were not looking forward to getting back in the heat so we took our time getting ready. Ethan took several muffins and a couple bagels for snacks and when we got outside we were greeted to a nice, cool breeze! We finally got the break we’d been waiting for! It was significantly cooler and we had a pretty strong tailwind! Yes! It was just what we needed after three very hot days.

We headed back out onto highway 30, which was still a busy divided highway at this point. Having a string tailwind should really be the only way to ride a bike. It’s the best thing ever. You barely have to work hard and you go so much faster. We made really good time to the Ohio border and this time we did get a sign! Good job Ohio! We were excited to put Indiana behind us and put another state under our belts. 

The Old Lincoln highway ran alongside 30 for a bit then would meet back up with it. We pretty much always want to go whichever way is shorter, which meant we ended up back on 30 at some point. After a while I noticed that it was looking more and more like an interstate highway rather than just a divided highway, but didn’t really think to check with Ethan or anything. Ethan had us get off 30 and back on Old Lincoln eventually and as we did we noticed a sign on the on ramp that said bicycles were prohibited. Oopsie!! Glad we didn’t get arrested! Luckily, we had to go a bit south to get to our destination in Lima anyway, so we didn’t need to follow 30 any more. Good riddance! 

We were making really good time and the terrain was really flat. We could not have asked for a better day. Then when we stopped for lunch there was a Taco Bell! Whoop! Before we made that poor decision we stopped at Dollar General to get jelly and a travel seeing kit. Why the sewing kit? Well I have big thighs and this means that my spandex rub on my bike seat and over time the stitching came apart causing two fairly large holes. I don’t care so much about the holes, but if my spandex isn’t there to stop my skin from rubbing, it causes a problem. I couldn’t handle that any more, so luckily I’m handy with a needle and thread! One of the few things that stuck with me from middle school. 

Like I said, Taco Bell was a bad choice and did not sit well at all. We only had about 10 or so more miles to get to our destination in Lima and for that I was thankful. I would like to say I’ve learned my lesson with Taco Bell, but if given the chance I’ll probably get it again. What can I say? I’m a glutton for punishment I guess! Anyway, we rolled into Lima around 4:30 and the first thing we came to was a Chipotle. If only we had waited just a little bit longer! Ugh. We got to our hosts at 5 as she was getting ready to leave because it was her birthday. Her name is Ambyr and is a Couch Surfing host who loves meeting new people. She had two roommates, which meant we were literally couch surfing on her sectional. 

We hung out with her roommate, Jish and watched some WWE wrestling that was pretty awful. After he left we watched a Netflix movie and fell asleep to a second one. It was a great day and just what the doctor ordered after three miserably hot days. It definitely renewed our spirits though I wasn’t quite ready to set my sights any farther than Pittsburgh. 


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