The longest short day 

July 11. Day 28. 

Exactly 4 weeks on the road!! Wooooo! It feels like just yesterday we were getting off the train and anxious about the next 6 weeks. It also feels like an eternity has gone by since we first set out. So much has happened and we’ve covered so much ground that it doesn’t quite seem real. We’ve had our ups and downs, but it’s been a blast! Onwards! 

The morning of day 28 Ethan got up to go to town with Randy to get a new screw for his rear rack. The old one had broken off and I had noticed the day before as we are getting into Mandan. Ethan used a zip tie and a bungie cord to rig it up until we could fix it. That morning, I did some blogging until they got back then we had an awesome breakfast of pancakes, sausage and more watermelon. 

Once we had finished, Randy’s wife Sue had returned from working in Medora. She told us all about it and made us really want to go back someday. We needed to get groceries so they kindly offered to drive us to Target. I love Target so I was really jazzed. We got a bunch of dinner food (more than usual) because we weren’t sure what kind of towns we’d be going through after Bismarck. We also got a large bag of Nutter Butter cookies… It was a solid choice. 

By the time we got back it was noon and already super hot and humid. We were not excited to get on the road and our hosts even offered to let us stay another night. We were already behind schedule though, so we headed out into the heat. And into more wind. 

Almost immediately we had a huge hill to climb. It was very steep, but we made it and were drenched in sweat at the top. It is so humid. Ugh. After the hill the terrain was low, rolling hills, which shouldn’t have been difficult but the heat and the wind just killed us. 

After 30 miles of struggle we stopped in teeny tiny Moffit. There was literally nothing there except a few houses and a small church. The church had big trees that we hung out under for a while because the last leg of the ride was going to be directly into the wind. It was only 14 more miles, but we knew it was going to be really challenging . We had a snack and as much as we didn’t want to face the wind, we had to go.

We headed out and after going down a creepy, two-track road we were greeted with lovely 15-20 mph winds right in our faces. Awesome. We just felt like we were working so hard and going nowhere. There is nothing more frustrating on a bicycle than going straight into the wind. I know I’ve complained about the wind a lot in this blog, but this was the worst wind yet. It took us just over 2.5 hours to go 14 miles, which meant we didn’t get to Hazelton until 8. What a horrible experience that I hope to never have again. 

We stopeped at the gas station to get some teas and the attendant was super nice and warned us about a storm that might roll through. He even offered up his house if the storm got too bad. He let us use their water jug to fill our waters and pointed us in the direction of the city park. 

Andy from New York was there and two ladies who were headed west. We chatted Andy about the route and got to bed a bit later than usual. The storm never came, but we did pitch the tent under a pavilion, just in case.



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