Week One Update 

I meant do this on day seven, but I got pretty behind on the blogs obviously.

Anyway, we just wanted to give everyone a quick update on how we’re doing besides what I put in the blogs, in case you are wondering. We are doing well! Hooray! We are pretty sore still, but our legs are getting stronger and our bodies seem to be catching up with us. Since we’ve been staying with people we’ve been able to shower every two days, which does wonders for your morale. We’ve been going to bed pretty early (except tonight… It’s 10!), and waking up early too. We have found that AM riding is much more enjoyable and we like being able to get somewhere with a lot of time to relax or be able to take our time if we are tired. 

We’ve learned some valuable lessons and are trying not to repeat our mistakes. These trips are a huge learning experience every time we do them, which can be frustrating, but we always figure it out and are better bikers (and people) for it. 

Overall, we’ve had some tough days, but we are really enjoying ourselves  and are trying to take it one day at a time. The scenery has been breathtaking and there is no place we would rather view it from than the seat of a bike! 

That’s all for now!! Thanks for reading, for the prayers and well wishes and thanks to those who have donated to the scholarship over the last few days!! We love you all and we miss you! 

Happy biking! 


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