The Dreaded Day Four

As we’ve said before, day four tends to be the worst day for us. This day four was definitely like that for me, but Ethan actually wasn’t that sore. It was a good thing because my legs were dying.

We got a fairly early start that morning and were on the road by 8. It was going to be our longest day so far and I was not excited about it. Our plan was to get to a Subway just off the Trace for lunch in Mathiston. The going was extremely slow and we did our stops about every 8 miles. About halfway to Subway we stopped at a placed called French Camp for a snack. The fuel-up helped with the next 8 miles, but we were both feeling the pain. The struggle was very real.

We didn’t make it to Subway as quickly as we wanted and luckily it was only a half mile off the Trace. We both got foot longs, again, and we got cookies and chips. Stop judging! We were hungry!! After our feast, we felt a bit better and headed back out. The food definitely gave me a boost and we only had 30 more miles. Also, right as we left the sky cleared up and the sun came out. It made for a very beautiful and peaceful ride. Along the way somewhere we spotted a little turtle in the road. We had seen a bunch of squished ones and couldn’t bear to see this one die too. Ethan carried him across and we hope he lives a wonderful life on the other side of the road!

We also came upon what we thought was a dead snake at one point. When I rolled up closer it looked like its head had been bitten or torn off. I shrieked pretty loud when it started moving. It’s head was still attached, but it had a pretty big wound just behind it which made it look like its head was gone. The snake wasn’t very big, but it was still moving (slowly) so we steered clear. Eeeek! We also came upon a hiker, who was walking the Trace, fairly late in the day. He was an older gentleman and said he was doing about 30 miles a day (What?!? Amazing!) and his biggest problem was finding water. We had the same problem the day before, actually. He was OK at the moment though and was stopping soon. We wished him good luck and started in our final push to camp.

We rolled in just before sun set. Perfect! The camp is actually more like a rest stop for people driving the Trace, but it also has a hiking/horse riding trail. They set it up for bikers/hikers to camp there too. We found a good place for the tent and made dinner. We were about 20 yards from the parking lot down a small hill and had our little lantern on. It probably looked pretty weird to people who stopped to use the restroom there. Only one person decided to check us out though. He had a van full of kids and when he went to leave he pulled his van into the pot nearest us and turned his lights on. We were blinded and didn’t really know what to do. He must have figured out what we were doing and then drove away. It was weird.

The rest of the night was peaceful and we both slept fairly well. That brings us  to Wednesday! Hooray!!

Thanks for reading! Stay tuned to hear about our “day off”!



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