Mississippi, here we come!

Tomorrow’s the day!!

It’s been a very busy week, but we’ve found some time to prepare and are excited to hit the road! The plan is to leave our house tomorrow morning around 8 or 9 and head for the northern terminus of the Natchez Trace, where we’ll leave our car. We are hoping to stop at our favorite store, REI, on the way so we can return some socks that Ethan purchased and get any last minute things we may need. We’ll meet up with Emily and her boyfriend Keith at the trail head and ride with them toward Mississippi. We’ll get a hotel somewhere along the way and then Saturday morning we’ll get up early and they’ll drive us to the southern terminus. Then we’ll be on our own and have 440 miles of road between us and our car.

We got all of our gear out earlier this week to make sure we had everything and that nothing was missing. It was a good thing we did because some of our stuff hadn’t exactly been cleaned since the last time we used it… ewwww! I threw our dishes and cookware in the dishwasher and anything that I could in the washing machine. Now it’s all clean and ready to go! After using the indoor bicycle trainers, our tires have been really worn down. They also are pretty old and have a lot of miles on them already, so those will be replaced tonight. We’ll also need to grease our chains and attach our lights/reflectors. Pretty much everything else is ready to go as far as our gear.


only some of our stuff!

We will be working on deciding what clothes to bring and packing everything to make sure it all fits tonight, as well. This might not be an exact list, but it gives you an idea of what we bring with us.

  • Shoes: bike shoes, Tevas sandals
  • Socks: 2 pair each
  • Shorts: 2 pair padded bike shorts, 1 pair regular shorts
  • Pants: 1 pair long sweats, 1 pair long cycling tights
  • Shirts: 2-3 cycling tank tops/t-shirts, 1 cotton t-shirt, 1 thin cycling long-sleeve, 1 sweatshirt
  • Riding gear: helmets & padded gloves
  • Hydration: 5 water bottles, 1 CamelBak
  • Cookware: Pot, bowls/cups, stove, fry pan, utensils, towels, lighter, fuel (2 cans)
  • Food: couscous, oatmeal, quinoa, Ramen, ClifBars (we’ll get fresh veggies, etc. along the way)
  • Sleep: sleeping bags, bug resistant liners, inflatable pillows, sleeping pads
  • Tools: knife, universal bike tool, electrical tape, tube repair kit
  • Personal: towels, shower stuff, cleansing cloths, sunglasses
  • Electronics: GoPro Camera, phones, chargers, extra battery charger
  • Misc: head lamps, tent lantern, bike lights, pepper spray, whistles, dry sacks, rain jackets

All of this fits into 6 panniers! Amazing!


food for the road

We are really looking forward to being outside and being on our bikes again. We’re excited to see some of the history along the Natchez Trace and explore a part of the country we’ve never been to. We’ve been pretty stressed and busy the last few weeks, so we’re looking forward to having some peace and quiet and some quality outdoor time. As we’ve mentioned before, biking is quite relaxing for us. There’s just no better sense of freedom and after months of cold and non-stop work we can’t wait to get some fresh air and a fresh perspective!

Stay tuned! We’ll post blogs as much as we can and as always, they’ll be posted to Facebook and Twitter!

Can’t wait to share our Mississippi adventure with you!



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